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October 28, 2021

Stanisoara: “Blaga is tired, Macovei talks nonsense”

USL is experiencing tensions after Stanisoara’s decision to join PNL. The head of PSD Mehedinti refuses to work with him.

Former PDL leader Mihai Stanisoara stated on Wednesday on Realitatea TV that he did not feel represented by the three runners for PDL president, pointing out that Vasile Blaga is “worn out,” that Monica Macovei “talks a lot of nonsense within the EP too” and her motion is almost inexistent. Stanisoara said he did not feel represented by any of the three motions filed so far. “The one whom I thought to be more suited is Adriean Videanu, the one who really understands the right-wing,” Stanisoara stated, pointing out that neither Monica Macovei, nor Vasile Blaga and Elena Udrea represent a solution for PDL in his view.  Stanisoara says that Vasile Blaga “didn’t respect anyone and anything in the party.” Stanisoara said that Elena Udrea “seems fresher, more determined, more alive” and she “came up from behind on the last stretch” in the race for the PDL presidency. According to Stanisoara, the fight within PDL will be between Blaga and Udrea, because Monica Macovei’s motion “is almost inexistent.” “The so-called reformers are left as an NGO transplanted to the party, but the transplant has failed,” Stanisoara stated.  On the other hand he pointed out that he does not always agree with the things that Monica Macovei says within the European Parliament and the European institutions about Romania. “She talks a lot of nonsense too,” Stanisoara stated. The former Democrat-Liberal also talked about his decision to join PNL, pointing out that he does not believe other Democrat-Liberals will follow him. “I talked with Mr. Crin Antonescu for several days,” Stanisoara said, pointing out that he did not talk with anyone else about his decision to join PNL. Asked who he thinks will be the future president of Romania, Stanisoara said: “Crin Antonescu.”

Antonescu: Statute won’t be broken for Stanisoara

PNL President Crin Antonescu stated on Thursday that he will ask the party’s Permanent Delegation to seek a formula that would allow Mihai Stanisoara to fulfil the “duties” of party vice president, pointing out that nobody plans to break the party’s Statute. Asked how will Stanisoara end up being PNL Vice President, given the fact that he was not elected in that office at the party’s congress, Antonescu answered: “It’s a proposal I will make, not now at the Political Bureau but at the Permanent Delegation, in order to seek a formula that would allow him to fulfil these prerogatives.” He stated that he will not break PNL’s Statute in order for Stanisoara to hold the office of party vice president.  At the same time, the PNL President admitted that allowing several PDL leaders to join his party runs against the principle backed by USL and PNL on combating party switching, a principle backed for the revision of the Constitution. Asked whether he “got over” the insults that Mihai Stanisoara used against him while he was a member of PDL, Antonescu pointed out that if “you’re sane” you cannot take joy in being attacked or criticized.

Tensions within USL

After the news broke that Mihai Stanisoara, president of PDL’s Mehedinti branch, joined PNL, Adrian Duicu, the leader of PSD’s Mehedinti branch, publicly stated for the local media that he will refuse any form of collaboration with the fresh PNL member. He stated that Stanisoara’s party switching will destabilize USL at least at local level and he apologized to the electorate for asking them during the 2012 elections to join a political construct capable of pulling the country out of the depression in which the government led by PDL, the party the MP deserted on Wednesday, threw it.PDL President Vasile Blaga announced on Thursday that Senator Marius Balu will coordinate the party’s Mehedinti branch until the convention scheduled on March 23, after former PDL Mehedinti President Mihai Stanisoara joined PNL. At the same time, Blaga stated that he was surprised by Stanisoara’s lack of common sense.



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