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December 9, 2022

Udrea: PDL elections will not be correctly organised

Vasile Blaga is sure about keeping the top position in the party, but if he loses it, he will be a ‘disciplined soldier’ of PDL.

PDL Deputy Elena Udrea said Wednesday in Buzau that she has signals that the elections inside PDL will not be correctly organised, accusing the fact that PDL members who will not vote in the March 23 ballot are sent to attend the meetings in which she presents her motion.Elena Udrea mentioned that, so far, she presented her motion in 14 organisation throughout the country, and her signals are that branch chiefs are pro-Blaga, while the rest of the members support her. “At Constanta, although the president signed the motion for Blaga, half of the organisation is with us, at Galati people protested in the street, at Vrancea the whole interim leading team appointed by Blaga has sacked the leadership of PDL Focsani because the president criticised Blaga when he presented his motion. At Valcea, the president supports Blaga, but he is alone,” Udrea said.Elena Udrea added that she has signals that the elections will not be correctly organised in PDL. “I consider that elections are not organised correctly, if things will continue like this, I asked the organisation committee to show us the lists of delegates, because there is a decision of the national communication council that the people who will attend the CNC should be present when we go to organisations. If the people who come will not vote, this is illogical, I asked the committee that supports Blaga to show us the lists, but they refused. This proves the lack of confidence of the Blaga camp about winning the elections, this time they use measures which are against the decision made by the statutory bodies of the party,” Elena Udrea said.Udrea added that deputy Cezar Preda should resign from the leading position in PDL because of the poor results he constantly obtained in elections, and if she will win the presidency of the party she will demand elections to be held in many local organisations, Buzau included.The acting president of PDL, Vasile Blaga said in Craiova that he is sure about winning the elections in the party, but if this will not happen, he will remain a disciplined soldier of the Democratic Liberal Party.Answering a question, the PDL leader added that he does not believe that the opinion of President Traian Basescu will influence the vote in the party.“No, I don’t believe it. The president was not, and is not my enemy, nor the enemy of the party. On the other hand, there are 5,000 people that will judge with their own heads and the vote will be absolutely free. They will no longer have cell phones in their pockets allowing the branch chief to see how they voted, and no surveillance cameras will be installed above voting booths anymore. The vote will be absolutely free,” Blaga assured. The president of PDL was in Craiova to present his motion for the National Convention of March 23, when he will run for a new term as party president.

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