USL to decide form of retrocession law on Tuesday

PNL President Crin Antonescu stated on Thursday that next Tuesday USL will decide the form of the draft law on the payment of damages to the former owners of nationalized buildings, a draft law the government will adopt by assuming responsibility for it. “It’s a very detailed discussion on a very important draft for which our government will in principle assume responsibility, the one concerning the retrocession of property. There are a lot of talks, especially technical talks. (…) It’s a draft, it was discussed within the government, as the Premier also announced we will have talks within the Political Bureau now, on Monday we will have talks within the parliamentary groups and on Tuesday we will take the decision during the USL meeting. It hasn’t been decided yet whether responsibility will be assumed for this draft or for a modified draft,” Antonescu stated. The PNL President also stated that the way in which the draft will be adopted, through assumption of responsibility, is not being debated. PNL Senator Tudor Chiuariu stated after the party’s Permanent National Bureau meeting that in what concerns the new draft both the deadlines for paying damages and the idea of “refreshing” the personnel involved in retrocessions are being analyzed. At the same time, former premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that the draft law risks creating “a corruption connection” and also has a far too distant deadline for the payment of damages.

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