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March 4, 2021

Blaga: ‘From politics I will be going home’

The PDL leader chose Transylvania to present his motion ‘Right Romania. PDL-Politics beyond slogans’. His challenger, MP Monica Macovei, took her ‘Reformists’ motion to Moldavia.

PDL presidency candidates have been on a tour of force two weeks ahead of the National Convention scheduled for March 23, where the new leaders of the Democrat-Liberals will be elected. Visiting Targu Mures on Saturday, Vasile Blaga said he would retire from politics if he lost PDL leadership. ‘From politics I will be going home. As long as I do politics, I will do it only in PDL’, realitatea.net quotes Blaga as having said. On the other hand, he said he was convinced that PDL would win the following election and noted he wanted USL parties to stay together so that they could ‘pay together for all the promises they made when in the opposition and also since they came into power’. In fact, the PDL leader accused USL officials of implementing measures ‘thievishly’, probably trusting the voters ‘won’t pick up’ on the fact that ‘they are introducing a pile of extra taxes to the Fiscal Code’. The PDL president centred his speech in Sfantu Gheorghe also on the criticism of USL, noting the Union’s regionalisation project was ‘unreasonable’ and adding that principles should prevail over interests when such a matter is discussed. In what regards PDL’s relations with UDMR – the only representation of the Hungarian community in the Romanian Parliament, Blaga said ‘it is rather difficult to negotiate ‘ with that party but admitted to things having been smooth when the Union had undertaken it to be in the Government next to PDL. He said that, since PDL had moved to the opposition, there had been project-based cooperation. Asked to comment the evolution of Romanian-Hungarian relations in Harghita after the events that have generated the last weeks’ tension, including the statements on ‘Hungarian to be made compulsory in Miercurea Ciuc’, or the march for autonomy of the Szekely County, Vasile Blaga said Romania is a national and unitary state, noting that PDL would not accept ‘even the discussion of Article 1 in the Constitution.’ Furthermore, he stressed tat state institutions must observe and enforce applicable laws. ‘This country does not lack laws. They must be respected by the prefects of Harghita, Mures and so on’, Blaga said, referring to the initiative of local authorities to show the Szekely flag on public institutions. He also said all Romanian citizens should speak very well the official language of the state, which would allow Hungarian ethnics to also find employment in other counties.

PDL leadership opposition – constructive congeniality’, Macovei says

Monica Macovei’s visit to Moldavia did not yield the expected result, as only 15 of the 182 PDL Suceava delegates to the National Convention attended the presentation of her motion Saturday night. In her speech, Macovei said she wanted PDL to be a party capable of active, constant, daily and effective opposition, noting the opposition made by the current leaders was ‘constructive congeniality. ‘What kind of opposition I that where you keep telling the opponent you want to be with him?’ Macovei asked, hinting at Vasile Blaga’s statement that ‘an alliance with PNL would come naturally’. She said the entry to the D.A. Alliance meant they would be moving to PNL one by one. Afterwards, in her Iasi address, Macovei said PDL needed first of all a head of foresight and only then should it start thinking about a good manager. ‘I will fight for the presidency of PDL regardless of conditions and obstacles. (…) A big party takes big personalities. You can’t shut down people like us, who endorse this motion’. On the other hand, MEP Cristian Preda warned about the risk of the party splitting up if the competition was unfair or if the winner promised any exclusions from the party at the March 23 election. ‘Responsible people would think twice. A split is inevitable if, on March 23, some of us have the feeling that we are racing in a fixed competition, Preda said.


Boc: Party wing used to deconstruct PDL

In an interview for Evenimentul zilei daily, ex-PDL leader Emil Boc (photo) denounces in very tough terms Mihai Stanisoara’s departure from PDL and move to PNL. ‘It makes me sick, to be honest. (…) It’s a success of the common sense revolution promoted by Crin Antonescu. With this move, he marks the set of this common sense revolution. (…) I cannot understand how someone (Stanisoara – a/n) who calls Crin Antonescu Mr. Goe   of Romanian politics can turn into a Liberal, hold him in his arms, kiss him on the cheek and tell him how good he is’, evz.ro quotes Boc as having said. Asked what the purpose of the recent PNL recruitment campaign (Klaus Iohannis and Mihai Stanisoara’s joining PNL – a/n) could be, the former premier said there was ‘a wing in PDL’ that had been in Blaga’s circle ever since his 2011 candidacy to deconstruct the party. ‘I hope all those plotting for such a structure doesn’t have a chance. With my entire being, I will never accept that PDL could disappear and become a PNL little wheel. Defending PDL pride and coat of arms should be a reason of pride for any PDL member’, Boc further said.

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