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February 26, 2021

Loteria Romana general manager, sacked for bad management

The general manager of Compania Nationala Loteria Romana, Dan-Alexandru Ghita, was sacked Friday by the minister of Public Finance, Daniel Chitoiu, for bad management and the failure to observe the decisions made by the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Administrators, realitatea.net reports. “I had nothing to manage, because my activity was totally blocked by the members of the AGA and CA. In all the meetings held so far, I proposed them many business projects that could have brought a significant profit to the company. For instance, in 2011 the Lottery had a profit of just EUR 20 M. I proposed business projects that could have brought a profit exceeding EUR 200 M in just one year. All my proposals were turned down, without any explanation,” Dan Ghita told evz.ro. Sources allege that the new interim manager will be Mihaita Mitroi, former deputy director of AVAS.

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