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March 8, 2021

Ponta does not rule out PNL and PSD to part ways after 2016

PSD leader Victor Ponta says that, for the time being, there are not tensions in USL that would pit PSD and PNL against each other, but the two parties might become adversaries starting 2016, when the political system will be “bipolar,” dominated by two big parties: one of centre-left and the other of centre-right. He appreciated that the acceptance of Mihai Stanisoara by the Liberals confirms the fact that PNL is trying to transform itself into the dominant party of centre-right, as PSD will represent the major centre-left force. “I think it is very possible and normal that in 2016, when Crin Antonescu will be the president of Romania, we will indeed have a bipolar system, with a big party of centre-left and a big party of centre-right. PNL wants to gain the supremacy, which can explain the transfer of Stanisoara. If in 2016, with Crin as president, PSD will oppose PNL, it is very good and I want PSD to win, but I don’t think it will be something bad if PNL wins. I do not feel threatened at all. If things go well, we will both win, and if they go bad, we will both pay,” Ponta said on RTV. The PSD president added that the Liberal leader never left him alone with regard to the responsibility of governance, and regardless of pressures coming from the territory, ministers Voinea and Chitoiu enjoy political support.“I understand the displeasure of local elects, but both Chitoiu and Voinea share what we have now and try to cope with all demands. Chitoiu and Voinea did everything with my mandate and they both enjoy my complete support. Appointing ministers, under the USL agreement, is my responsibility and, if I have problems, I will say it. They did everything they could. Do not imagine that, if there was another minister, instead of Chitoiu or Voinea, there would have been more money, and better managed,” Ponta mentioned.

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