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February 28, 2021

Aspazia Cojocaru to be replaced within CCR

The leadership of the Lower Chamber decided yesterday that the plenum should appoint, by March 30, a new judge at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) to replace Aspazia Cojocaru whose term ends on June 8, Lower Chamber Secretary Niculae Mircovici announced. Mircovici pointed out after the meeting of the Lower Chamber’s Permanent Bureau that Constitutional Court President Augustin Zegrean sent a letter concerning the fact that the term in office of Aspazia Cojocaru, appointed member of the CCR at the Lower Chamber’s proposal, expires on June 8. He stated that the Permanent Bureau also discussed other similar cases, namely that of Ion Predescu, appointed CCR member at the Senate’s proposal, and of Acsinte Gaspar, appointed CCR member at the Presidency’s proposal. “It was decided that on March 18-21 each Parliamentary group will present its proposals to the Juridical Commission, on March 21-25 the hearings and the report will take place, so that the issue will be on the plenum’s order of the day on March 25-30,” Mircovici pointed out, being quoted by Mediafax. Sources from within PSD and PNL stated for HotNews.ro that Valer Dorneanu and Mona Pivniceru will be backed by the Social-Democrats and Liberals in order to be appointed within the Constitutional Court.

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