Brasov Court of Appeals: Sending Huidu to prison would be “an excessive measure”

A sentence that must be executed in the case of Serban Huidu (King of the Roads) would be “an excessive measure,” because he is at the first offence, has a high potential of “reconsidering” his conduct and regrets the fact, reads the motivation of the sentence pronounced by the Brasov Court of Appeals on February 7. The Brasov Tribunal initially sentenced Serban Huidu, on 29 June 2012, to a suspended prison term of two years and a half, for manslaughter. The verdict was challenged in the higher court and, on 7 February 2013, the Brasov Court of Appeals increased the term to four years, suspended. In the motivation of the verdict, the judges of the Court of Appeals explained that “in individualising the punishment, the base court (the Brasov Tribunal) misjudged the degree of social threat concretely posed by the crime and emphasised the fact that the defendant is at the first confrontation with the criminal law, he admitted the deed and enjoys a good reputation.”

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