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September 19, 2021

President Basescu to address Parliament

President Traian Basescu will address the Parliament plenum today, 3.00 pm, the Standing Bureaus of the two Houses decided yesterday. The president asked the legislative leadership to speak before Parliament on current European policy issues.  Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu yesterday said he would not attend the session, as he views Basescu as an illegitimate president, which gives the Senate speaker no reason to welcome and listen to him speak.  “Firstly, I don’t consider Mr. Basescu as the legitimate president of his country. Secondly, since I suppose he will say tomorrow what he has kept saying during the past couple of days. I find these things deeply unfair not only with respect to Government, but Romania as well. I don’t see it right to welcome him and listen to him in my MP capacity”. However, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Valeriu Zgonea announced he would attend today’s plenum session, saying that, if his senate counterpart were not to do it, somebody would still have to.

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