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January 19, 2022

Sarbu: We will talk with PNL about Stanisoara

PNL President Crin Antonescu conveyed to Ilie Sarbu that nobody in their “families” does or did business with Sorin Blejnar and warned that, if US L approaches the Stanisoara issue, other topics as well could be brought up.

The Social-Democrats are “partially” irritated by former PDL leader Mihai Stanisoara joining PNL. The statement was made by Ilie Sarbu, the head of PSD Senators, who announced in an interview for RFI that a discussion with the Liberals will take place on the issue of recruiting former Democrat-Liberal leaders. “Some of the colleagues are justifiably dissatisfied that important PDL leaders are now looking for a place within PNL, now that we are in power. PSD has taken the decision not to give them the chance of always being in power, and respects it. We confronted them, we criticized them, we pointed the finger at them and now just because they joined our ranks they no longer have any kind of fault, they become immaculate, they are persons of a high political morality and we are taking them all onboard? I don’t believe it’s fair,” Sarbu stated, being quoted by rfi.ro. The leader of PSD Senators pointed out that the talks with the PNL representatives will be “clarifying” so that the Social-Democrats will know what are the Liberals’ future plans: “Whether they still want people to come over, Mr. Duta for example, or Mr. Blejnar (Sorin Blejnar, the former head of the National Fiscal Administration Agency – editor’s note) or other gentlemen that may want to join PNL, will PNL take them onboard now just because they are in the opposition and that would send a message to PDL?” the Senator wondered. However, he stated that he does not believe PNL will continue its open door policy: “You saw that every time we created a problem (…) things were clarified, we talked and I believe a wise decision will be reached today or tomorrow too, when we will meet, so that we can govern and solve the problems for which we criticized those that are now coming to set their shoulder to the wheel.” “If we are to bring them all to us, with whom will we mete out justice? Again with the little bunnies we will find in the garden of corruption?” the Social-Democrat stated. Ilie Sarbu reproached fellow allies from the National Liberal Party (PNL) the “system itself” with respect to migration into this party  of some Democrat-Liberal leaders, amid both the Social-Democrats and the Liberals having pronounced themselves against political defections. “Do we want to put in the Constitution a stipulation <on banning political defections> or w changed our mind and wouldn’t do it after all? This is the question,” Sarbu said.At a press conference at Parliament, yesterday, PNL President Crin Antonescu  said that nobody from their “families” does not do and did not do business with Sorin Blejnar and warned that, if the  Social Liberal Union (USL) discusses the Stanisoara issue, other topics as well could be brought up. “I I were to develop the issue, to comment on Mr. Sarbu’s statements, we should talk about dome spectacular topics. I should say that the weird accusations or suppositions don’t come from the right source over the alleged rapprochement between Sorin Blejnar and us (…) therefore, there’s no such danger,” said Antonescu, who drew attention to  “no big discussion” being the case in the USL over the 32 PDL mayors from Mehedinti County who  joined the PSD after elections. “The Stanisoara case is closed, Mihai Stanisoara is a PNL member, given I presented him as such publicly, and this is not a matter for a discussion announced by the USL, ” the PNL leader concluded.On the other hand, Premier Victor Ponta stated on Monday evening that he is not bothered by PDL leaders joining PNL, pointing out at the same time that the Social-Democrats have no questions marks on this issue.

Blaga won’t have Frunzaverde and Stanisoara back in PDL

PDL leader Vasile Blaga, while in Pitesti, Monday, said that Sorin Frunzaverde and Mihai Stanisoara won’t be accepted back into the party as long as he is its president. “Cross my heart, I’m telling you this party needed the Opposition as it needed air. It is now that the dust settles that we can see those who truly love this party.  Don’t you see that, by and large, it is those who joined the party after 2005 who leave, who have only known to be in Power?”, realitatea.net quoted Blaga as saying. He pointed out that, if the Democrat-Liberals come to negotiations with other parties, Stanisoara and Frunzaverde will never represent the party with which the talks will be held.

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