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February 9, 2023

Ministers, MPs, TV producers and university professors, under ANI’s scrutiny in 2012

Former Minister Liviu Pop, Senator Cristian Radulescu, Bucharest General Council member Doru Giugulea, TV producer Lucia Hossu Longin and former UMF Targu Mures rector Constantin Copotoiu are among the people who were under the scrutiny of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), an institution that published its activity report on Monday. Thus, last year ANI uncovered 165 cases of incompatibility, 95 cases of administrative and criminal conflicts of interests, 14 cases of unjustified differences between assets and income and 38 cases in which clues pointing to criminal acts were discovered (false statements, crimes assimilated to corruption etc.). At the same time, of the 165 cases of incompatibility, 51 remained final in 2012, either through court decisions either because the 15-day legal term of attacking ANI’s conclusions expired. The cases of incompatibility uncovered by ANI in 2012 include those of former ministers Eduard Hellvig, Ovidiu Silaghi and Liviu Pop and of the government’s former secretary general Sorin Dan Mihalache. Lower Chamber MPs Vasile Bleotu and Aurel Nechita were investigated by ANI for incompatibility too, a final ruling being issued against the latter. TV producer Lucia Hossu Longin, member of the Romanian Television’s Administrative Board, and Constantin Copotoiu, former rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) Targu Mures were also investigated for incompatibility. In the case of minister Liviu Pop ANI uncovered last year conflict of interest and malfeasance in office. The names of former health minister Vasile Cepoi, who is currently state aide within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, and of Bucharest General Council member Doru Giugula, are also among the 38 cases that concern criminal actions. In what concerns unjustified differences between assets and income, ANI’s decisions concerned, among others, Senator Cristian Radulescu, former minister Ovidiu Silaghi, Bucharest General Council member Doru Giugula and Crinuta Dumitrean, the former President of the National Authority for the Restitution of Properties (ANRP).

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