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March 5, 2021

Milk on shelves is safe for consumption

Eight tons of milk destroyed after testing positive for excessive levels of aflatoxin.

Following the control conducted at several dairy farms and milk collecting centres, the National Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) ordered the destruction of eight tons of milk because the level of aflatoxin was above legal limits, adevarul.ro informs.  Interim ANSVSA President Vladimir Manastireanu explained that the substance was present in milk because of the poor-quality feed the animals received. Food safety inspectors discovered that the feed is liable to aflatoxin infestation especially during winter if it is improperly stored. The final results of the analyses of 1,062 samples will be released next week, 82 per cent of the samples being analyzed so far, Vladimir Manastireanu stated during a press conference. “I can tell you irregularities were discovered at seven units, of which three dairy farms, two processing units and two collecting units. The milk was impounded in tanks at the processing and collecting units. No quantity of contaminated milk left those units,” he added. Manastireanu underlined once again that the milk currently on the shelves is fit for consumption and is not a danger for consumers’ health. The Romanians’ confidence in the safety of the milk sold in stores has dropped as a result of the intensive media coverage and the precarious communication on the issue of aflatoxin contamination, two out of five consumers stating that they did not buy milk in the past week, Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations informs, according to Mediafax. The impounded milk represents around 0.2 per cent of Romania’s total daily production, Manastireanu concluded. He added that milk production resumed in two of the three dairy farms concerned because the farms respected the conditions imposed by food safety inspectors and the animals started to produce milk fit for consumption. According to the ANSVSA official, the results of the tests conducted in two of the dairy farms concerned were negative yesterday morning. The farms’, collecting centres’ and processing units’ internal controls will continue in the following period. In other developments, Premier Victor Ponta has signed former ANSVSA President Mihai Turcanu’s resignation, his prerogatives being taken over by ANSVSA Vice President Vladimir Manastireanu until a new president is appointed.

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