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October 21, 2021

Vasile Blaga puts forth motion in Timisoara

Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) President and Senator Vasile Blaga presented the motion ‘The Right Romania. PDL – politics beyond slogans, with which he wants to regain party leadership in late March.  He criticized the Ponta Government, which he blamed for trying to delude the voters ‘to whom he promised the good and are now offered taxes on a daily bases’.  ‘We have the highest inflation EU-wide, over 5 pc, and 1.8 bln euro less in the budget than last year,’ said Blaga, addressing 138 of the 140 party delegates. He outlined that PDL had the most difficult economic governance tasks of the post-World War Two period, and the austerity measures taken to save Romania from disaster cost them mostly because of their inability to communicate with the people.

The Democrat-Liberal leader however said that the trust of Romanians could be regained. ‘Our political program is a triple pledge. We want a united PDL unit, the power is no longer in power, the burden of governance no longer lies heavily on our shoulders. (…). Only united, we will be able to re-invigorate the party, to win the hearts of Romanians. There is room for everybody in this party, from the youth to pensioners, and reformist and all the rest. You are a reformist if you do your to this country,’ said Vasile Blaga, who emphasized that emphasized the need for a strong  PDL able to win the 2016general elections and return to power on the front door, and in 2014 to come up with a credible presidential candidate. Blaga also stated PDL should have implemented several projects for the populace during its four-year governance and the party should come up with solutions for everybody in this country, yet PDL’s own solutions.

Blaga also expressed his belief PDL must remain a European party, given it’s the only genuinely European party in Romania as we speak. The PDL president underscored his disagreeing with his fellow party members who say there is no such thing as Romanian Right, and said the Right is not represented by a group of intellectuals, but my millions of Romanians who earn a honest bread, pay their taxes, provide jobs and who    want to be respected by the Romanian state. Vasile Blaga added that the PDL needs to get Romanian diaspora on the party’s side, as the 3-4 million Romanians abroad have sent 6-7 bln euro into the country every year in the past couple of years, ‘they are the largest Romanian investors and we should bring them on our side. When this happens, we will win’.

Udrea doesn’t want to run for president but would accept PM office

Elena Udrea stated on Thursday that she is currently not interested in running for president but she would nevertheless accept the office of prime minister in a future PDL government. In what concerns the names of the possible presidential candidates, Elena Udrea stated that she has five names in mind, “unfortunately all of them men, three of them being PDL members.”


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