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March 1, 2021

Udrea lists Dem Libs’ possible Presidential candidates

PDL President runner Elena Udrea stated on Pro TV that she would be willing to accept the office of Prime Minister.

PDL leader Elena Udrea stated on Sunday on Pro TV that Emil Boc, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Catalin Predoiu, Cristian Diaconescu and Adriean Videanu are PDL’s possible presidential candidates.Asked whether she will run for president if she is elected PDL President, Udrea answered: “No. And I said this: apart from the fact that I believe that it would be a great victory for the Romanian political class, a great success for society, for a woman to be elected at the helm of a powerful party, I don’t believe it’s time to think about a candidacy for the Romanian Presidency in 2014.” She added that it will however be the new PDL leadership’s obligation to come up with the most credible presidential candidate, a candidate that would win the elections supported by all centre-right parties. Asked whether she has a name in mind, she answered: “Of course, there are several names I have in mind and I can disclose. They are either members of the party today, either people from outside the party. I would be happy for other possibilities to appear in a short while.” When the anchors insisted, Udrea stated that a possible candidate that is from the party and whose image is, according to her, “in a forceful comeback,” is Emil Boc. She added that Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Catalin Predoiu, Cristian Diaconescu and Adriean Videanu could be other presidential candidates.

Asked whether she talked with them, Udrea stated that such discussions will take place after the party “finds its way” at the March 23 Convention. The former Tourism Minister added that she certainly considers herself capable of leading a government, pointing out that a party can decide at any time that its leader should take over that office. At the same time, Udrea stated that Victor Ponta is her political opponent for the next 20 years. She said that Ponta has been trying to change his anti-European image “since last summer” but does not always succeed because he “slips from time to time.”The PDL leader added that USL will have 2 presidential candidates – Victor Ponta (PSD) and Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PNL), adding that current PNL President Crin Antonescu experiences an accelerated drop in popularity. On the other hand, present in Suceava on Saturday, Elena Udrea stated that she has no reservations regarding her entire political career, reservations that would stop her from fighting the USL government and that from all the accusations brought against her the talks are limited solely to some toilet seats bought after she left the ministry. The PDL MP also stated that PNL is now trying to destroy PDL by recruiting Democrat-Liberals, just like PSD tried in 2003, back when that party was led by Adrian Nastase. Udrea added that the PDL government was a responsible one, while the current USL government is not capable of inaugurating all the projects initiated by PDL.

Ivan says Udrea’s nominations good news for USL

In reaction to Elena Udrea’s statements, PSD spokesperson Catalin Ivan stated yesterday that she gave USL good news by nominating Boc, Ungureanu, Predoiu, Diaconescu and Videanu as possible presidential candidates, pointing out that together they would total 15 per cent of the votes at most. On the other hand he pointed out that Udrea’s nominations for presidential candidates PDL proves it has no other credible candidates and the reform within PDL is made by the same people. Also yesterday, Ivan added, referring to Elena Udrea’s statement that USL will break apart and Ponta and Tariceanu will run for president, that USL’s breakup is an old story and at any rate PDL does not surpass 10-15 per cent of the votes. Voicu on PDL presidential candidates: We should first ask ourselves if PDL will still existPNL Vice President Mihai Voicu stated on Sunday for Mediafax, referring to the PDL presidential candidates nominated by Elena Udrea, that before talking about such potential candidacies we should ask ourselves whether PDL will still exist for long. He pointed out that Romanian citizens cannot forget the arrogance of Democrat-Liberal leaders, the corruption and aberrant spending of public funds which characterized the PDL government’s period. Voicu added, referring to Elena Udrea’s statement that USL will break apart and Ponta and Tariceanu will run for president, that Crin Antonescu will be USL’s sole candidate and will become Romania’s President.

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