US Embassy: US contribution to defending NATO Europe will not be affected

The US contribution to the defence of NATO Europe will not be affected, a communiqué issued by the US embassy shows. The communiqué points out that the construction of bases in Romania as part of the Phase 2 of the EPAA remains on schedule and on budget. The aforementioned source also refers to the bases in Romania and Poland.“Our commitment to phases one through three includes the development of missile defense sites in Romania in the 2015 timeframe as part of Phase 2 and in Poland in the 2018 timeframe as part of Phase 3. Both those deployments remain on schedule and on budget, and work is under way in both countries to implement these deployments. In fact, construction on the Romanian site is scheduled to begin this year and we will begin purchasing equipment for the Phase 3 site in Poland this year as well.” The US Administration decided to adjust the missile defence system in Europe by giving up the introduction of interceptor missiles, being set in exchange to develop missile defence measures on US soil, as a consequence of the threats coming from the DPRK, the Foreign Affairs Ministry informs.

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