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April 11, 2021

Red card to be shown directly to those playing with EU funds

European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici promises that in the following months (April – May) all eligible payments for projects implemented with EU funds will be up to date and all projects (some filed since 2010 too) will be evaluated, he stated for ‘Ziarul Financiar.’ The change of attitude will be seen rapidly because cases of blocked projects and irregularities with nobody held accountable will no longer be tolerated, those to blame set to be shown the red card directly: “We no longer afford the luxury of showing yellow cards, we will switch directly to red cards.” Likewise, he stated that EUR 6.5 bln will be absorbed from the EU this year because all operational programmes will be unblocked. The new rules that were or will be introduced will make the absorption system functional, because, the minister says: “If someone had a problem in life does it mean he will have it the whole life? Spring has to come too! With all obstacles removed things will work differently,” the minister opined. We currently have projects dating back from 2010 that are not yet evaluated, he stated. “We no longer have to accept compromises on anything – from management issues to public procurements issues,” Teodorovici.

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