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February 26, 2021

Udrea: The government must regulate the situations when the Szekler flag may be flown

PDL deputy Elena Udrea said Sunday at Baile Tusnad, answering a question, that the government must regulate the situations when the Szekler flag may be flown.Asked by journalists why the Boc government, whose member she was as minister of Rural Development and Tourism, did not take measures about flying the Szekler color on administrative buildings ever since 2010, although the law forbids it, she said that she did not know about the flag being raised on public administrations. The Democrat-Liberal deputy believes that the issue must be settled at diplomatic level, by governments, “as long as the government of Hungary is involved in the matter of flying the Szekler flag.”On the other hand, Elena Udrea warned that in Romania the administrative-territorial units are allowed to have their own coat of arms and flag, which they may raise on public institutions. She explained to journalists, on Sunday, that the existence of a flag of the region is not a problem, as long as it is not raised on public institutions.The PDL deputy added that she disagrees with the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland, while Article 1 of the Constitution must remain unchanged and the use of the Hungarian language in public and education institutions is enough.In her opinion, administrative autonomy is a good solution, and the discussions based on ethnic motivations must not be exacerbated.“I disagree the territorial autonomy, but I agree to the administrative autonomy, as we all want, same – as minister – we tried to push forward with the real process of decentralisation towards the territory,” the Democrat-Liberal deputy mentioned. Udrea considers that politicians must show responsibility, because many “problems” are generated by politicians’ interest, which usually manifest themselves near elections, either in Romania, or in Hungary.She explained that she is aware about the situation in the counties of Harghita and Covasna, which she claims she visited “more often than other colleagues from Bucharest,” about the fact that Romanian citizens – ethnic Romanians and Hungarians – can cohabitate well, “working” for the prosperity of the region, if politicians “do not inflame the situation on electoral purpose.”

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