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March 8, 2021

Adrian Nastase – first day of freedom

Ex-PM Adrian Nastase was released from Jilava Prison yesterday afternoon, after the Bucharest Tribunal had rejected on Monday the appeal introduced by Anti-Corruption Prosecutors (DNA) against his conditional release. National media say he never went to his home in Zambaccian Street Monday night. On his way from the penitentiary, he stopped at a private clinic for medical investigations. His eldest son, Andrei, told the press his father was fine and that he had just had his ‘thyroid, blood and many other things’ checked. Adrian Nastase was met by his eldest son, friends and sympathisers, bodyguards as well as an ocean of journalists at the prison gates. When he came out, he asked the reporters not to push and to take care not to hurt themselves. Asked what he was planning to do, he answered: ‘I’ll see you in a few days and we’ll talk more’. Asked if he would rejoin politics, Nastase said: ‘That’s a difficult question. I can’t answer you now’. As for the immediate future, the former prime minister wrote on his blog yesterday that he wanted to be with his family for a while. ‘I trust this is how I should start my today’s post, addressing to all those who have been near me during this difficult time and who expect, maybe more than others, a sign from me, other than on my blog.

These past few months have been perhaps the most difficult ones in my entire life, not just because of the deprivations, but mostly because of the feeling I had, a feeling that I have actually had for quite a few years now, that free thinking has become a luxury,’ Nastase states. ‘Dear friends, I hope you will understand that, after all these months, I wish to be with my family for a while, with my dear ones, whose absence was one of the most painful hardships I have ever been through. Before then, I had not fully understood how devastating it can be not to be able to hug your children or wife whenever you want to and to count every second until the next time you have a chance to do that. I thank you all for the priceless support you have given me all this time, but also during the years preceding last year’s developments and I assure you that I will not quit fighting for the values I believe in,’ the former PSD president further states on his blog.

Joy in PSD

PM Victor Ponta said Monday night in Craiova that he was happy about Adrian Nastase’s conditional release and that he would talk to him, including about the party, but the ex-PM needed some respite with his family first. Ponta also said Nastase would ‘not have a role in USL,’ but the leaders of the Union would consult him as they also had done when USL was founded. The premier added that PSD would comply with the law in what Adrian Nastase was concerned and would keep his former office vacant until he was able to take it back. PSD MP Miron Mitrea said yesterday he could guarantee that Adrian Nastase was not going to retire from politics because he was strong and young for a politician, noting that the former PM had ‘gathered a lot from his negative experience, things he would want to implement’. Mitrea also said he had been very sad when Nastase was convicted.

Becali wants special law

Independent MP George Becali said, in connection with Adrian Nastase’s release from penitentiary, that the ugliest feeling a man could have was to be behind bars, and the nicest feeling when he is free. Regarding the ex-PM’s political future, Becali said his right to elect and to be elected had been banned by court decision possibly for four-eight years and that an amnesty law would be the only way for him to have those rights restored in the following three years.  Transport Minister Relu Fenechiu in turn said yesterday that he hailed Adrian Nastase release and that Romania is ‘a country that makes a lot of mistakes’, as the former prime minister had been convicted for things many politicians do. ‘Nastase has been sent to prison for something many politicians do. Political parties do not finance themselves exclusively with white money. Romania did an injustice to Adrian Nastase,’ Fenechiu said.


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