Dacia registrations in the EU, increase on a declining market

The number of new Dacia automobiles that were registered in the countries of the European Union increased by 12.1 pc during the first two months of the year, to more than 40,200 units, on a market than continues its abrupt decline driven by the difficult economic situation of the eurozone, with recession and high unemployment, according to data unveiled Tuesday by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). The registrations of new automobiles in the EU, during January and February, diminished by 9.5 pc compared to the similar interval of last year, to 1.68 million units. In February, the number of registrations dropped by 10.5 pc, to approximately 795,000 units, after a decline of 8.7 pc in January. Among major car brands, only 8 reported increases in the first two months of the year, at EU scale. In percents, Dacia was outperformed only by Honda (+15.1 pc) and Jaguar (+22.1 pc), which however sold smaller volumes of 18,000 and 3,200 units, respectively. In February, the registrations of Dacia automobiles in the EU soared by 15.9 pc to approximately 20,000 units. The registration of new automobiles in Romania decreased by 12.7 pc in January and February, to 7,900 units. In February alone, Romania experienced a 15.8 pc drop to nearly 3,500 units.

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