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February 26, 2021

Dragnea: Not all the power in a region will be in just one place

Deputy premier Liviu Dragnea, minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, said that the talks over dividing Romania in regions must be less tense, because the government does not intend to concentrate all the power in just one place. “There will be the administrative headquarter some place, another county will have the regional finance department, another will have the regional environment department, so in each region every community will feel that it has access to the benefits of regionalisation,” Liviu Dragnea said, quoted by Hotnews. Dragnea assured that the regionalisation process will not be made on political criteria and “this is not a project for the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) or the Social Liberal Union (USL),” but it is “a country project.” He announced that a workgroup will be formed at ministry level, comprising academicians, doctors, experts, plus local elects, MPs, civil society which analyse the situation and the design of the regions will be given by this analysis. In the context, we mention that simultaneously with this group, the leadership of PNL decided to set up another workgroup for establishing the supported principles in view of the regionalisation. According to sources with the PNL leadership, quoted by Mediafax, the group will be led by the first vice-president of PNL Klaus Johannis, and the analysis will be

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