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May 27, 2022

PM Ponta: I was left with “scars” after Basescu’s impeachment

In an interview for Adevarul , the Premier added that Romania’s Euro Zone accession is on the horizon of 2020.

Premier Victor Ponta gave an interview to Adevarul Live yesterday, talking about the consequences of the scandal surrounding President Basescu’s impeachment. Thus, he stated that he personally lost a great deal externally following President Traian Basescu’s impeachment and he was left with “some scars” for the next 10-20 years. “It (the impeachment – editor’s note) did a great deal of harm to me because while on May 7th I was not only the youngest Social-Democrat Premier but I was very well known, very well connected, after the episode that summer I lost a great deal. I was left with some scars. The wound has healed – like the story with the plagiarism – but the scar will remain forever, ten years, twenty years from now too. If you ask whether I have regrets… I have, just as I have for the fact that the 50 per cent threshold was not reached at the referendum, Ponta said. Adding: “Would I do the same? Since I agreed to sign the cooperation agreement it means I realized I can live for another year and a half with President Basescu.

The price for Romania is so high that we couldn’t afford it.” At the same time, the Premier tackled the issue of Romania’s Euro Zone accession, stating that 2015 does not represent a credible date but the goal should not be abandoned. The horizon for this project should now be around 2020. Premier Victor Ponta added in the same interview yesterday that the letter that the German, Finnish, Danish and Dutch foreign ministers recently sent to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, asking him to set up a mechanism for the safeguarding of democratic values, referred to Hungary, not Romania, and he expressed his dissatisfaction with being taken for Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban. His statement came against the backdrop in which he expressed the need for the European Union to establish clear standards for Romania when, for example, the respect for the rule of law issue is raised, in situations in which a “50 per cent plus one” threshold is needed (referring to the establishment of criteria for the validation of last summer’s referendum – editor’s note) or the official that represents the state at the European Council summit is concerned, namely the President or the Prime Minister.

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