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May 10, 2021

Nationwide alert for snow, rain and blizzard

Meteorologists issued a snow advisory Friday morning through Saturday morning, for western, central and western Romania, a rain and sleet alert for southern and southeastern regions, and an extreme cold weather alert nationwide over the weekend. According to the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), the advisory will be preceded by nationwide rain Thursday, 2.00 pm to Friday, 8.00 am, which will turn into sleet and snow in the western and northern regions toward the end of the interval.  “Water levels will match 20-25 l/sq. m and 35-40 l/sq. m in spotty areas, mostly in the southern half,” ANM specified.The medium wind will gusty spells across most of the territory Thursday thru Friday morning, with the highest speeds in the south and southeast where it could exceed 50 – 60 km/hour. The advisory is into effect Friday, 8.00 am to Saturday, across the country. Meteorologists cautioned western, central and northern Romania will be snowy, gusty spells will be as high as 55 – 60 km/h, and over 90 de km/hour in the mountains, where blizzard and snow are likely. The south and southeast will have rain and sleet, and scattered wind gusts exceeding 60 – 70 km/hour. Forecasters warn that the weekend will witness some extremely cold weather nationwide, overnight and early morning frost in the northern, northeastern and central regions.

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