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December 9, 2021

“The Human Body” Exhibition opens at Antipa Museum Friday

A first for Romania, the exhibition includes over 200 items – preserved human bodies dissected to display bodily systems offering a unique, tridimensional view on what lies beneath the skin, the miracle called human body and the way it functions.

“The Human Body” Exhibition opens at „Grigore Antipa” Museum of Natural History on March 22 and will run through June 30, Tuesdays thru Sundays, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.The items on display have fascinated the over 20 M visitors worldwide in London , Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bratislava, Budapest, Dublin, Kiev, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague, Turin, Vienna and Oostende.“The Human Body” Exhibition sets out to change the way people perceive the human body, offering Romanian visitors the unique chance to see for the first time through a surgeon’s eye and to „experience” a visual trip within the body. Not least, the exhibition also aims at making visitors respect and take good care of their bodies, paying attention to the way they choose to live.

The event is produced by GForce Exhibitions and organized by Events, in cooperation with the „Grigore Antipa” Museum of Natural History  “The Human Body” takes visitors on an amazing trip through nine galleries presenting the basic components of human anatomy. „Why do we sneeze? Why are women’s hips broader than men’s? Where are located the smallest bones in our bodies? What impact does passive smoking have on fertility? Which muscles are stronger, the woman’s or the man’s? What role does the placenta have? Where is the Atlas vertebra located in the body? But Achilles tendon? What is a CT scan? How many breathes do you take every minute? Cholesterol, good or bad?” these are just a few of the questions to which you’ll find answers visiting “The Human Body” Exhibition.Visitors can also see what effect smoking has on lungs (they will be given the opportunity to compare a healthy lung with one seriously affected by smoking), learn more about obesity and other ills caused by neglecting your body.  According to the Chinese law, the human bodies on display were donated to Dalian Hoffen Bio-technique Laboratory; they have not been claimed and death was the result of natural causes.

The Institute does research on and develops plastination, a technique used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts, supplying them to schools of medicines but museums as well, for educational purposes.Exhibition tickets can be purchased from the “Grigore Antipa” Museum of Natural History before accessing the exhibit hall, or in advance, online at www.eventim.ro, Eventim network (Germanos, Vodafone, Orange and Domo stores, Humanitas and Carturesti bookshops). They can also be acquired in two monthly installments only through CardAvantaj, at the Eventim headquarters.Children under the age of seven benefit from free entry.

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