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April 22, 2021

Education Ministry looks into three-colored ribbon scandal at Covasna high school

An Education ministerial team is investigating the situation created at the “Korosi Csoma Sandor”  school in Covasna. The scandal under investigation was sparked by a girl pupil’s claim she was threatened and verbally offended by her Magyar classmates for wearing a red, yellow and blue <the colors of the Romanian flag> hair ribbon on March 15, the Day of Hungarians Everywhere.

The lodged claim led to an education ministerial team going on location to check on what happened, with its conclusions being made public once all legal proceedings have been followed. According to the quoted source, several Magyar pupils at the school in question were unhappy about the Romanian pupils going to school on the Day of Hungarians Everywhere wearing various accessories donning the national colors red, yellow and blue.

It appears it was some nine-graders that came up with the idea of wearing three-colored hair ribbons at school, a gesture that led to Facebook threats from Magyar classmates. The girl also said her form teacher wanted to cut the ribbon with a pair of scissors.

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