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August 2, 2021

President Basescu asks for continuation of debates on Constitution draft sent in 2011

President Traian Basescu asked the Lower House on Thursday, in a letter addressed to Chamber of Deputies speaker Valeriu Zgonea, to continue the debates on the draft constitutional amendments sent to the Parliament in June 2011, a draft that reflects the results of the 2009 referendum.In a live intervention last evening, president Basescu addressed the media from Cotroceni Palace.

“The constitutional review that started in 2011 needs to be continued. The Chamber had to be notified, according to the law, that it has the obligation to continue the proceedings,” the head of state said. He explained why he addressed the head of the standing bureau of the Lower House. Basescu also said any constitutional review has to start from the referendum results in 2009. “No representative of the current political power can ignore the will expressed by the people,” he said, adding that the leaders today are inconsistent. “I believe the Constitutional Court will bring them to order, as the referendum in 2009 has been validated. So the reviewing the constitution should start from this very event,” Basescu stressed. The head of state hinted at the fact that current leaders want to change the balance of power between various state institutions, but he evinced the fact that, in his opinion, the constitution is functional.

Also on Thursday, the head of state asked the Parliament to reexamine the modifications brought to law 80/1995 on the statute of army personnel, which entails that generals and admirals can remain active after they reach the standard retirement age, until the age of 60, with an annual approval from the institution’s leader. In March 2013 the standard retirement age is 55 years and a half. In the reexamination request published Thursday on the Presidency’s website, President Traian Basescu claims that the provisions which refer to the annual approval from the institution’s leader when it comes to maintaining generals and admirals active is not opportune, affecting the need of stability in what concerns the management of armed forces.

He also specified that the US missile shield at Deveselu will continue as established, the investments being expected to start this year.

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