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June 15, 2021

PwC: Entrepreneurs estimate higher turnover and exports in five years

Most family business owners in Romania see turnover constantly increasing and exports doubling in the next five years, but would like to receive support from the government under the form of fiscal incentives, guarantees or state loans for new technology, a PwC survey reveals. It also shows that, on a difficult market, Romania’s family businesses had good performance last year, with 71 pc of respondents achieving a growth of their businesses.

Furthermore, the owners and managers of these businesses are rather confident about growth prospects in the next 5 years, 61 pc expecting a constant increase, while 13 pc seek a more aggressive advance.Plus, there seems to be a high degree of confidence in the capacity of the Central Bank (BNR) to deal with the exchange rate volatility, as only 16 pc of respondents mentioned this issue, a percentage similar to those worried about the interest rate.At the same time, while exports generate approximately one third of the annual GDP of Romania, private companies do not seem very connected to the external market, and only 15 pc of their turnover – in average – is generated by export, compared to a global average of 25 pc.

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