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April 23, 2021

“The Human Body” posts record number of visitors

Three thousand people visited the exhibit last weekend.

“The Human Body” Exhibition at Bucharest’s Antipa Museum recorded a record number of visitors, as 3,000 people came to see it over the weekend. The display, who opened on Friday and will run through June 30, stirred the interest of those ready to see an “extraordinary anatomy lesson”, as exhibition owners put it, and to see the preserved human bodies in dynamic positions.  Contacted by Mediafax, Antipa Museum officials said: “Everything is well-organized, there is the terribly-long queue out there”.The exhibit includes over 200 plastinated bodies which offer a three-dimensional glimpse into the human body. At a press conference at Antipa Museum, Wednesday evening, GForce Exhibitions, the owners of the exhibition, said they hold the rights of the items on display even after they will no longer be displayed on the exhibition circuit.

The event producers also said the exhibition is a rare opportunity to Romania and to all those willing to learn or recall their information on the human body. “While I know the exhibition stirred up controversy over year, the response was overwhelmingly positive nonetheless in over 90% of the locations,” Arnie Geller, CEO, GForce Exhibitions, said, who added the items to no longer be exhibited will be incinerated in the countries of origin. Asked who “should see and not see” the exhibition, Arnie Geller had this to say: “This exhibition is not for everybody. People of certain religious confessions, for example, may choose against visiting it, yet, the majority of people can enjoy the experience as an extraordinary anatomy lesson.”“The Human Body” displays entire bodies as well as organ fragments or entire organs, muscles, ligaments, elements of the cardiovascular, bone, muscle and nervous systems, as well as fetuses in various stages of development. Both healthy and cancer-stricken organs are on display. To persuade smokers to kick the habit, one of the most cited causes of lung cancer, organizers put between two lungs on display – one healthy, the other, cancer-stricken – a box where people can “donate” their cigarette packs.

The Exhibition will run thru June 30, Tuesdays thru Sundays, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.Twenty million people worldwide visited the exhibition, in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bratislava, Budapest, Dublin, Kiev, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague, Turin, Vienna and Oostende.

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