Basescu says USL wants Army under politic control

President Traian Basescu holds the military staff status change was an attack against the Army.During a press statement from Cotroceni, Traian Basescu explained that in his view what consequences the signing into law might have had of the military staff status change Senate-passed bill, namely 41 generals sent into retirement, with ten more to follow suit by year’ end. The Army Ground Force Staff would have been left without any general, same for naval forces, and only one air force general left in place. „This is the first time after the Revolution that there is an attempt at putting generals under political control,” said Basescu, who added that the new status would have been generals go to the minister “military cap in hand”, in order not be retired at 55 years of age, as the new law stipulates. „Such finishing off, through a stupid law, defies any explanation and is an act against national security and the Romanian Army. Who the law’s originators propose to replace those four generals with? Or should we make them obedient to the minister!

This is yet another ludicrous part of the law. Until now, the rank of general and their sending into reserve has been made by presidential decree, now, it is the minister who does it, Dusa today, it may be Stroe tomorrow, I don’t know, any politruck that happens to run the Ministry of Defence,” the head of state said the Army is not the only institution targeted, and gave as example „what Antena 3 does about the CSM and Justice”.

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