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February 28, 2021

The second winter: Snowed in roads in Moldova

Cold weather and heavy snow in the north of the country, this weekend. In Suceava County, some motorists waited with their vehicles blocked in the snow more than 27 hours, until the roads were cleared.

The blizzard formed mountains of snow in northern Moldavia, and in some regions the layer of snow was thicker than one metre. In Botosani, several motorists abandoned their cars in the field Saturday and returned yesterday to extract them from the snow.Almost 100 people – drivers and passengers – from several cars that were blocked by snow in the Botosani County were rescued Friday night by intervention teams, which also continued their mission Saturday morning, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Botosani informs.In Suceava, on County Road 209 C Suceava – Berchisesti, several automobiles were covered under snow carried by the blizzard and their occupants had to wait 27 hours for help to come. Some of them took shelter with families from the Frumoasa village, but others chose to wait in their cars.

The Suceava County prefect, Florin Sinescu told Mediafax that traffic was affected on DN 17 in the Ilisesti commune, where several lorries could not climb a slope because of the icy road. Police intervened and was able to keep the road open, so traffic is not blocked. Sinescu added that another truck was blocked on DN 2 E in a bend, near the Cacica commune, but here, too traffic was not hmpered, as the heavy vehicle was towed to the roadside.According to a communique sent yesterday by the Ministry of the Interior (MAI) to Romania TV, s positive trend appeared in the counties of Moldavia that were hit by extreme weather these days, as no localities affected or isolated remained yesterday morning and nobody was reported blocked or missing.Following the efforts made during the last two days, snow was cleared on all national roads in Suceava County and problems only remain on segments of 3 national roads in Botosani County: DN 24C, DN 29A, DN 29.

The MAI supports the snow-removing activities on the last 14 segments of county roads that remained closed because of abundant precipitations under the form of snow.As for the electricity supply, at country scale only 8 localities were affected yesterday (out of 75 the previous day) in the counties of Botosani and Suceava. In Vaslui County, 60 localities were totally or partly cut from the power grid, because of the blizzard that hit Friday night. Intervention teams sent by E.ON Moldova promptly responded and fixed the damaged lines.Over 500 employees of the Ministry of Interior intervened, for the last two days, in the areas affected by dangerous weather phenomena.Starting today, the weather enters a cooling process, with maximum temperatures expected to stay in the -4 to 8 degrees Celsius interval, while tomorrow highs will not exceed 4-5 degrees. In Bucharest, thermometers will not go above approximately 0 degrees Celsius these days.


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