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May 13, 2021

Traian Basescu parts ways with the Democrat Liberals

Vasile Blaga’s victory against Elena Udrea made the president publicly announce his separation from PDL. ‘Good-bye, PDL! Good-bye, PDL!’ Basescu told the Democrat Liberals Saturday night.

The ‘love chain’ tying PDL to President Traian Basescu has broken. Displeased with the outcome of the PDL Convention, the head of state said, in a Facebook video message,  that the way in which the Democrat Liberals ‘did not understand to be democrats’ made him say good-bye ‘finally and for good’. ‘

They will no longer be a millstone for me, as I will no longer be a millstone to them. I will devote myself to building a new right-wing solution, one made up of honest people, people who do not grab the ballot boxes and run away with it, people who recognise the democratic right to seek remedy and I want you to know that I will not do anything to bring next to me even a tiny bit of PDL’, Mediafax quotes Traian Basescu as having said. The president also said PDL had been able to follow a democratic course as long as it had had an authoritarian leader. ‘As soon as they had felt they could continue on their own, the old FSN wing of the party surfaced, and the Convention today (Saturday – a/n) proves that 50 per cent of that party is still rooted in the bad habits of the former FSN. Good-bye, PDL! Good-bye, PDL! Today, we parted for good.

You go your way and I’ll go my way’, Basescu also said.PDL leader Vasile Blaga was quick to respond. He said he respected the president’s decision, but noted that he didn’t think the party had been a millstone for Traian Basescu ever in its history. ‘I don’t see when we were a burden for him, for in the 2007 impeachment referendum, in the 2009 election and last summer, at 40-45 degrees Celsius we stood next to the rule of law and next to him’, said the PLD president.

President impeachment brought up by USL

On the other hand, USL officials have denounced Basescu’s message in very tough terms. Several USL voices yesterday said the president ought to be impeached again. The tone was se by ex-Interior Minister Radu Stroe (PNL), who said Basescu’s engagement in PDL’s Convention was totally unacceptable. He added: ‘We ought to be thinking about impeachment again.’ His party colleague, Mihai Voicu, PNL Vice President, also says the president broke the Constitution with his public statement on the PDL Convention, but the decision on a new impeachment would require ‘the coagulation of political will’, so far the only things presented being opinions. ‘Obviously, it is not a secret that we believe President Basescu doesn’t belong at Cotroceni, because he has violated the Constitution so many times. But, I repeat, no decision ahs been made so far on a new impeachment’, Voicu said. PSD leader Viorel Hrebenciuc in turn said that ‘judging by what things look like, the president will be impeached again’, noting Basescu had broken the Constitution with the passage he posted after the PDL Convention. ‘That was an infringement on the Constitution.

If we read the Constitution, the president is filmed on tape and the video is posted to his own Facebook profile, there is nothing more to discuss.

He demonstrated what we all knew – his involvement with a political party.

In this entire international context, I see the president’s infringement nuanced. It would be towards a grievous infringement, but we also need to take into account what’s going on in Europe, this whole issue about the economic crisis’, Hrebenciuc told ‘Gandul’. PNL president Crin Antonescu said yesterday on PRO TV that the leaders of USL did not promise during the electoral campaign to suspend the president of the country once again, but “the germs of confrontations exist” and the cohabitation pact with the premier remains useless, in his opinion. The PNL leader was asked if there is no discrepancy between the attitude of USL towards Traian Basescu before the parliamentary elections and during the last months, as the idea of a new suspension was evoked before elections. “Personally, as long as I was on electoral campaign with Victor Ponta and with the others from the parties that form the USL, I never spoke, nor did I hear them talk about a new suspension. I spoke – and I also say it today – that, as long as Traian Basescu will be at Cotroceni, a problem will exist and there will permanently be the germs of new confrontations that are by no means beneficial to the country, but we respect the Constitution and the laws and we will have to move forward,” Antonescu said. As regards the cohabitation pact between President Traian Basescu and Premier Victor Ponta, the PNL leader remains convinced that the document is “useless.” Antonescu explained that there are fundamental differences between the governance of PDL and that of USL, even if these refer to the budgetary constrain measures that are envisaged.The president of PNL added that, most likely, the member parties of USL will participate on separate lists in next year’s elections for the European Parliament, but this is “no sign of disunity.”


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