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December 2, 2021

Basescu issues new ultimatums to the ruling coalition and the Executive

The president wrote to the speakers of the Houses of the Parliament and the premier, asking them to enforce a plan of eight immediate measures. Among them: the immediate nomination of the general prosecutor and the DNA chief and the revocation, until April 30, of the members of the government that are under criminal investigation.

President Traian Basescu  reminds in the letter addressed to the speakers of the Houses of the Parliament and the premier that in the speech he delivered before the Parliament on March 12 he pleaded for including three topics on the political agenda of the Romanian state – “the existence of a modernised and consolidated rule of law – efficient in its democratic functioning and independent in the act of justice -, the adoption of the EUR currency and, last but not least, the accession to the Schengen space,” which he appreciates as being “essential for advancing the processes of European integration.” “I want to reiterate, through this letter, my proposal of having a partnership with the Parliament and Government with regard to both the joint assuming of the three objectives, and especially to conducting coordinated and concerted actions in view of achieving them,” Traian Basescu writes in the letter addressed to the three dignitaries.

He affirms that “on a short term, the test of our common commitment – Parliament – President – Government to consolidating the rule of law is represented by meeting the conditions in view of achieving the accession to the Schengen space before the end of this year.” Traian Basescu writes in the letter that achieving the Schengen objective means, in his opinion, “the adoption and enactment of an action plan centred on the recommendations included in the report of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), adopted by the European Commission on January 30, 2013 and approved by the General Affairs Council on March 11, 2013 also with the agreement of the representative of the Romanian government that attended the proceedings.”

We remind that, on the other hand, the representatives of the Executive repeatedly criticised the connection between the Schengen accession and the CVM.In order to comply with the recommendations of the CVM report, the president proposes to the government and Parliament a plan with 8 measures and deadlines for each of them. Basescu thus demands, until the end of the present session of the Parliament, the adoption and effective enforcement of the new Statute of deputies and senators “with the observance of European legal and moral standards” as well as “the adoption of a conduct code for the members of the Parliament.” For two other measures, the deadline invoked in the president’s letter is “immediate-permanent.” These are: “the observance and enactment of court decisions” and “providing adequate protection to the judiciary system and the anticorruption institutions against unjustified pressures of any nature.” Traian Basescu also demands “the nomination of the leadership of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the DNA” with “immediate” deadline.

He demands the revoking, until April 30, of the members of the government that make the object of criminal actions in court, the commitment of the responsibility of the members of Parliament for acts against the regime of integrity, and the prevention and punishing of corruption in public acquisitions and the development of ANI’s role in this field.“I express my conviction that, by fulfilling the Action Plan (in the form I proposed or in a variant improved by you) and a proactive attitude in the relation with the European Commission and member states, we will be able to defend much better the interests of Romania, than using an aggressive rhetoric discourse, unsupported by facts at home,” reads the president’s letter. He affirms that enacting this plan would represent “the only option of nature to increasing the chances to obtain a favourable decision for the accession to the Schengen space before the end of this year.”

The leaders of USL did not want to comment the essentials of this letter yesterday morning and were ironic about it. Premier Victor Ponta only said that the leaders of USL will attentively read the letter and will provide a written answer, but after the row involving PDL will end. “First, I want to appreciate the fact that I received a letter, instead of posting it on Facebook (allusion to Basescu’s farewell to PDL). And if the president imagines that, with the new letter, you (journalists) will no longer talk about PDL, then he is not the president we knew anymore,” Ponta commented.Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu said that he did not read the letter sent by President Basescu, because the document was transmitted during the meeting of USL. “Based on what I heard from the news, this letter too seems similar to the farewell messages to others.

I did not read it, but I will read and see if it deserves an answer, and then I will tell you what I will answer and when,” the PNL leader mentioned.On the other hand, the members of the Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies decided yesterday to put the letter on debate by the parliamentary groups. “It was appreciated as an exercise of image, that many of the topics it mentions do not even make the object of the Parliament.

The Law on the statute of deputies and senators has been voted by the Parliament and is at the Constitutional Court and the conduct code of MPs will follow when this law of the statute is adopted. The other matters do not make the object of debate in Parliament,” said the secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, quoted by Mediafax. He explained that the groups have a week to debate the letter, then the Permanent Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate will meet in order to give an answer.



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