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March 3, 2021

Snowfall warning in 9 counties and Bucharest

PM Ponta announced  that he will hold a video-conference with the prefects and local authorities on the issue of bad weather and pointed out that “there are serious problems.”


Winter is coming back almost throughout the country.

Thus, the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) announced yesterday a snowfall alert for 9 southern counties and Bucharest. Fourteen other Romanian counties will be under watch alert. The warning will come into force today, from 4 AM to 2 PM. Snowfall and wind gusts will be registered in the southern half of the country. In the Danube Floodplain the precipitations will be mixed and silver thaw will form. Abundant snowfalls and wind gusts surpassing the speeds of 70 kilometers per hour will be registered during the aforementioned period in the Valcea, Arges, Dambovita, Prahiva, Buzau and Ilfov counties – including Bucharest – and the northern part of the Olt, Teleorman and Giurgiu counties.

Snowfall with no wind gusts will be registered in northern and central Moldavia. At the same time, ANM issued a watch alert for counties in Oltenia, Muntenia, the Banat Mountains and Carpathian Alps area. The alert came into force yesterday at 8 PM and will expire today at 4 AM in 9 counties and Bucharest where the snowfall warning will come into force. In the rest of the counties the watch alert will remain in force. The weather does not seem to improve tomorrow either. Temporary snowfalls will be registered today, with the exception of western and southwestern regions which will register rains and sleet. The wind will be cold in the south, south-west but also in mountainous areas. The temperatures will be typical of a winter day, maximum temperatures ranging from -5 to 4 degrees Celsius, slightly higher at the seaside where they will reach 6-7 degrees. Bucharest will register an authentic winter day. There will be snowfall and the wind will feature temporary gusts. Temperatures will not surpass the freezing level, so there will be 0 degrees at noon. The wind will make temperatures feel much lower. No good news for tomorrow either – the weather will be extremely cold for this time of year. The sky will be overcast and generally weak precipitations will be registered in western and southern regions and over smaller areas in the rest of the country. Mixed precipitations will be registered in Banat and Crisana and snowfalls will predominate in the rest of the regions. Wind gusts will be registered in the southeast.

Maximum temperatures will range from -5 to 5 degrees, the highest level being registered in the west. It will snow in Bucharest tomorrow too although the snowfall will be weaker. Freezing temperatures will continue to be registered, there will be a maximum temperature of 0 degrees at noon.On the other hand, the classes in schools and highschools will be closed today in Bucharest because of the bad weather.



PM worried by weather conditions

Premier Victor Ponta stated yesterday before the USL meeting that Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea and Internal Affairs Minister Radu Stroe will hold a videoconference with the prefects and local authorities on the issue of bad weather, pointing out that “there are serious problems.”“We are preparing for a videoconference on the issue of the bad weather forecast. Mr. Stroe, Mr. Dragnea will hold a videoconference with the prefects today, with all authorities, because I don’t want for there to happen what happened in Hungary,” Ponta said. Asked whether ANMH (the National Meteorological and Hydrology Administration) announced him that there will be significant problems, Ponta answered: “Yes, there are serious problems. In fact, I believe you saw, probably nobody was expecting for this to return.” Ponta called on citizens using public roads to use winter tires on their auto vehicles and to inform themselves about weather conditions. “I call on all citizens that will use roads to inquire first, to have winter tires, to have everything ready and to help us get through these two or three late winter days as best as possible. You saw what happened in Hungary, what is happening in Ukraine, today this is what we should busy ourselves with,” Ponta said.

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