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March 21, 2023

COSMOTE Romania steps forward to 4G technology

Coverage and download speeds are two of the most important factors in accessing information at any given time, from the mobile phone, tablet or modem. With the priority of offering excellence in user technology experience, COSMOTE, the most dynamic telecom operator from Romania, recently announced, during a live demo session, the most recent development of its broadband network.“COSMOTE Romania is offering today the highest 3G speed, 43.2 Mbps, with the best coverage, and we will not stop here. COSMOTE’s mainstream in 43,2 Mbps will be available in 153 cities and 900 localities across Romania, covering 47% of the population, by the end of Q1 2013. In 2014, after the allocation of the new spectrum from ANCOM, the full capabilities of LTE service in terms of quality and geographical coverage, especially in heavily inhabited areas will become available. Thus, COSMOTE Romania’s data network, already offering the best speed with the largest coverage in the country, will become even better”, stated Lampros Iskos, Chief Technical Officer, COSMOTE Romania.Starting with the end of April 2013, COSMOTE steps forward to 4G, by offering its customers the possibility to benefit from this technology, in a several cities, including Bucharest.“Our top priority is to provide the ultimate 4G service experience – be it via modems, tablets or terminals, so all our efforts are oriented towards achieving this. We are working to create the most suitable products based on this technology, according to the identified need within the market.

These will be gradually developed in the immediate next period”, added Panos Makris, Chief Commercial Officer, COSMOTE Romania.A smartphone-centric operatorAlso, in order accompany even the most refined customers’ requirements, the company provides specially tailored smartphone packages in line with its goal to be a smartphone-centric operator, as to enable a broader client reach, by granting access to latest technology and information for more and more Romanians. The mobile operator offers to all its customers the latest generation technologies and state-of-the-art devices, within the most advantageous propositions, as people are looking, at a fingertip distance, for communication and mobile browsing, applications and services. As smartphones sales and data consumption will continue to grow, COSMOTE Romania continue to offer all data and voice necessary benefits, thus taking the smartphone experience at its highest potential. Moreover, the customers surfing the Internet using their mobile phone benefit of an increased download speed of up to 43.2 Mbps after enhancing their tariff plans with Connect Mobile extra-options for post-paid subscribers. Customers have four different options available, from 400MB data traffic for 4.34 euro/month with Connect Mobile S+, and up to 4GB data traffic for 11.78 euro/month with Connect Mobile XL+ extra-option. Unlimited online communication, via modem, laptop or tabletFocusing on covering all communication needs of its customers, with the purpose of offering the ultimate service experience, COSMOTE Romania also recently launched CONNECT GO, a prepaid Internet Cartela for modems, tablets and laptops offering, in premiership on the 3G high speed Internet Romanian market, extra-options with unlimited data traffic.The new Internet prepaid card comes in two starter packages: Cartela CONNECT GO at 8.68 euro (VAT included) and Cartela CONNECT GO accompanied by the 3G Modem MF 195 at 149 RON (VAT included). The two options include 1GB of data traffic with a 30 days validity period and download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps.Moreover, CONNECT GO offers access to some incredible extra-options that can get up to unlimited prepaid data traffic, within the validity period, at download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps.

Thus, CONNECT GO Flexible provides mobile internet for those who don’t have a constant navigation need and what to pay as they go, CONNECT GO 1 week is perfect for those who use mobile Internet mostly when they are travelling, while CONNECT GO Unlimited 2.5 and Unlimited 6 are perfect for those permanently online, offering unlimited Internet availability. The full range of extra-options can be consulted online, on www.cosmote.ro.

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