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October 26, 2021

Diaconescu claims the Popular Movement is beyond the political system

On the opposite side there is presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu who says that the movement will have a very important influence in choosing a centre-right runner for president in 2014.

Twenty-four hours after the announcement concerning the creation of the “Popular Movement” Foundation was made, Presidential aide Cristian Diaconescu stated in a video recording quoted by rtv.net that the foundation is an initiative at the level of Romanian society, “beyond the political system, beyond the sterile fight between various parties, factions or the so-called personalities.” “The Popular Movement Foundation truly represents the vehicle towards society and we plan to ensure through this framework of dialogue the engaging of all those that have something to say about the present and the future of Romanian society. Politicians have talked enough. They talk in Parliament, they talk on TV, they talk within the government and they do fairly little. At this moment the need is for you, the ones that have something to say about this country, about its future, future that means the fate of our children too, to make your voices heard,” Diaconescu stated in a video message posted on the “Popular Movement” Facebook page.

The Presidential aide thanked those who sent messages of encouragement and those who expressed their desire to become part of “this initiative.” On the other hand, Presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu stated yesterday in an interview for RFI that even PNL members could join the Popular Movement. “At least at first we avoid looking for names from the political area, people with party membership cards, at first we would like for as many people that so far have been politically non-committed to join. And, thank God, in Romania there are quality people that are not politically committed” Lazaroiu stated. He claims that PNL has become a left-wing party but that people in its second and third echelons, who believe in the values of the right-wing, could find their bearings within the Popular Movement: “A party that supports the hiking of taxes, who supports a smaller level of investments, cannot call itself a centre-right party. A party that ends the 2008 fiscal year with a deficit of 5.4 per cent and a growth of 7 per cent is a left-wing party, and that’s PNL.” On the other hand, the Presidential aide believes that the Head of State will have an important say in designating his successor in 2014. “Even if it remains a foundation it (the Popular Movement – editor’s note) will have a very important influence in the centre-right candidacy in 2014. An influence, I hope, in particular at this level of values, principles, support for values, but on the other hand I hope it will have just as great an influence that President Traian Basescu will have. I believe that President Traian Basescu will decide, with the support he will have, who will win the 2014 presidential elections,” Lazaroiu added.


Hellvig: Presidential aides should resign

PNL Secretary General Eduard Hellvig claims that against the backdrop of starting the “Popular Movement” Foundation the Presidential aides should resign, pointing out that it is immoral for them to make President Traian Basescu’s “games.” Thus, Hellvig posted on his blog that he does not accuse the Presidential aides of doing something illegal, but that the “guard” of Basescu, who is once again “in political trouble, comes to his aid.” “They have the right, as any Romanian citizen, to associate,” the Liberal points out. He also claims that he is not preoccupied with the options of PDL or of the Presidential aides, but with the fact that the Head of State “is once again trying to manipulate the public, to get a head start and to defraud a competition.”

Basescu is Romanian right-wing’s de facto leader, Boc saysFormer

PDL President Emil Boc claims that Traian Basescu is the “de facto” leader of the Romanian right-wing and “the most important politician that affirmed himself as a right-wing person,” and this “cannot be ignored by any political project in Romania.” Asked during a press conference what he knows about the Popular Movement, Emil Boc stated that he does not know any details about the project but will seek information on it. “I trust Cristian Diaconescu, I know him as a responsible right-wing man and that is why he canceled the contract with PSD,” Boc stated.



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