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February 3, 2023

Minister Constantin wants to set up agricultural fund

The minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin announced yesterday that, following talks with milk producers and processors, a mutual fund will be created until June 30, based on a French model, which will contribute to diminishing farmers’ risks in case of losses, Mediafax informs. The financing will be secured from the contributions of farmers (35 pc) and the Mutual Fund (65 pc), including contributions from the EU (47.75 pc) and Romania (16.25 pc). The fund will compensate farmers for three types of risks – a disease hotbed among their livestock, on condition that it is included on the list approved by the World Organisation for Animal Health or in the annex to the Council Decision of 26 June 1990 regarding certain expenses in the veterinary sector, a disease hotbed among plants, respectively an environment incident if there is a specific episode related to a punctual event on a limited geographic scale.

The minister of Agriculture mentioned that he considers that the rape and wheat crops will be much better in 2013 compared to those obtained last year, due to the weather during this winter. However, he added that the strong wind that blew recently caused problems in the vegetables and fruits sector. “Last year, in the Galati region, we gave a minimum aid from the state budget for those who were affected. We will see if there is the possibility, this year too, but we must take much stronger measures, including the farmers of this region, because the state cannot intervene each year and pay compensations from the state budget, when there is wind. We will reach the moment when we will no longer afford it,” Daniel Constantin explained.As for the ‘Milk and pastry’ programme, the minister said that it will continue, but authorities analyse in parallel the possibility of better allocating the respective products, as there are situations when they are thrown away, instead of being consumed.

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