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January 28, 2023

Udrea and Blaga bury the hatchet, PDL to stay united

The National Directing College decided  to convene the National Coordination Council on April 6, at the Palace of Parliament, in order to elect the party’s new leadership, Vasile Blaga announced.

The war between PDL President Vasile Blaga and PDL MP Elena Udrea seems to have ended. Thus, Elena Udrea stated yesterday at PDL’s Directing College that she will remain in the party, that the issue of appeals is closed and “mutual respect” has to exist between the contenders. “I said that we renounce waiting for the answer (to the appeal – editor’s note), we consider the competition over and from this moment we are PDL members that do their job as members of an opposition party,” Udrea stated after she took part in PDL’s Directing College meeting, Mediafax informs. Asked what made her change her mind, the former development and tourism minister pointed out that she talked with the colleagues that backed her bid and they concluded that apart from the irregularities they noted “the way their action is perceived outside does not bring any kind of advantage.”Also yesterday, Udrea wrote on her blog that the PDL elections are over and pointed out that she will remain within the party and she wants all those backing her to do the same. “It’s more important for me to have uncontested elections within the party and a legitimate leadership in line with what party members want than for me to be PDL president,” she wrote. In his turn, Vasile Blaga stated that he talked with Elena Udrea before the party’s Directing College meeting and they decided they will jointly go forward against USL. “I am glad she too realized that we would play into USL’s hands if we were to continue our dispute.

Today’s dispute is the one between Sorin Frunzaverde and Ponta and Francis II from Focsani will immediately jump in, Nicusor from Constanta will jump in too, they are the ones we should fight,” Blaga pointed out at the end of PDL’s Directing College meeting, rtv.net informs.

He added that Elena Udrea said during the meeting that she will not run for a position within the party’s Permanent Bureau but those that want to do so from among her backers are free to do it. At the same time, the PDL President pointed out that Emil Boc will be a member of the party’s leadership because the statute allows him to be one given the fact that he was the president of the Democrat-Liberals. In what concerns the appeals against the National Convention elections, Blaga stated that Udrea can choose a colleague that would recount all ballots.

Blaga already thinking about presidential runner

On the other hand, Vasile Blaga stated on Tuesday evening for “Gandul Live” that he proposed the holding of internal elections in order to designate the party’s presidential candidate, the members of PDL accepting the idea. Asked whether he wants to run for president, Blaga avoided giving a clear answer, pointing out that he wants to see the team he will work with at the helm of the party. The PDL President pointed out that unlike some party colleagues he does not have a short list of potential presidential candidates. At the same time, the PDL President was asked whether he will back President Traian Basescu if he is impeached, the Democrat-Liberal answering: “He said he doesn’t need us anymore.” He pointed out he has nothing to reproach himself with in what concerns President Basescu.

Who will be part of new PDL leadership

After a long absence from PDL’s limelight, Liviu Negoita plans to return to the Permanent National Bureau, preparing his candidacy for the office of First Vice President in charge of PR issues, while Ioan Oltean and George Scripcaru also want top positions despite the boycott imposed by Elena Udrea. Thus, party leadership sources quoted by Romania TV stated that the negotiations also concern Andreea Paul Vass’s bid for the office of First Vice President, while Gheorghe Flutur will continue his term as secretary general. MP Alin Popoviciu will run for the office of Vice President in charge of coordinating the West region, while Alba Iulia Mayor Mircea Hava is set to take the office of Vice President in charge of coordinating the Centre region. Raluca Turcan also wants an office of Vice President, and she could take over the domain dedicated to education, while Sulfina Barbu plans to run for the office of Vice President in charge of agriculture, environment and rural development issues. Elected leader of the Democrat-Liberal Lower Chamber MPs on Tuesday, Mircea Toader will file his bid for an office of Vice President too.







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