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May 13, 2021

Volksbank raises the sums that can be borrowed by customers

Volksbank Romania modifies the crediting conditions and raises the maximum sums that can be borrowed by customers. According to a press release, the bank raised to RON 70,000 the cap for consumer loans without mortgage guarantee, from RON 45,000 until now, and the crediting period can reach 10 years in the case of loans exclusively aimed at refinancing (compared to 5 years in the past).In the case of Overdraft, the maximum credit increased from RON 30,000 to RON 45,000. In the case of a consumer loan without mortgage guarantee, the maximum sum that could be borrowed over a 5-year interval by a family with monthly incomes of RON 1,700 was RON 15,450.

The new modifications raised the cap to RON 19,536. In the case of refinancing the same loan, the maximum sum increases to RON 25,228, from RON 15,800, and if the loan interval is 10 years, the sum advances to RON 37,550.

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