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February 28, 2021

Classic is Fantastic: Vivaldi’s childhood

The Odeon Theatre and the “Clasic e Fantastic” (Classic is Fantastic) Association invite spectators to watch the second show that is part of the “Clasic e Fantastic – The Childhood of Great Musicians” series. The educational children’s project through and for music continues on Saturday and Sunday, March 30-31, at 11 AM, with the “Vivaldi’s Childhood” show. “Clasic e Fantastic – The Childhood of Great Musicians” is a project for children aged 4-10, which consists of five theatre and music shows. The dolls were designed and built by: Aurelia Olteanu. Show is directed by Monica Ciuta. Script: Emanuel Ciocu. Scenography: Sanzaia Tarta. Special consultant: Cristina Sarbu. With: Alin Olteanu, Monica Ciuta, Sanziana Tarta, Irina Sarbu, Aurelia Olteanu and Monica Kurutz (violin). Ticket prices: adults – RON 21.2, children – RON 12.72. Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes. As the story goes, two mice – Sica and Rica – lived in turn within Antonio Vivaldi’s violin, Johann Sebastian Bach’s organ, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s bookcase, Ludwig van Beethoven’s harpsichord, Frederik Chopin’s piano… Wanting to travel, Sica and Rica entered a suitcase. And a whole adventure which children are invited to see this weekend ensued.

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