Local administration hirings back on

Deputy PM Liviu Dragnea yesterday said the hiring of staff in the local administration would be permitted again, with a return to the one departs-one hired ratio. ‘We need to adopt this measure quickly, as there are local administrations impaired by a shortage of personnel’, Dragnea said, according to Digi 24TV. ‘We are headed to unallowable situations. There are rural municipalities with just three or four employees left, including the mayor, and they find it difficult to operate. This is not going to be a singular measure.

We are working on a package of legislation to go back to the one departs – one hired formula, but, at the same time, to be able to continue savings with the personnel, goods and services at a central level, in ministries and other agencies’, Liviu Dragnea said. This is not going to happen in months from now, we are planning a reasonable time for implementing the new measure, he said. ‘For now, it will just be the local administrations. In the negotiations with the IMF in January we also discussed this and a flexible approach to the current rule was included in the letter of intent. It did reach its initial objective, but we cannot go on with the same rigidity because more and more local institutions are facing the risk of being blocked in their activity’, Liviu Dragnea explained.


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