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September 25, 2022

April begins with fresh price hikes

Starting April 1, Romanians pay more for products like beer, tobacco, and also for various services. Because the calendar of increasing the excise duties for cigarettes was advanced by three months, they increased now from EUR 79.19 to EUR 81.78 for 1,000 cigarettes. The new excise duties are in effect during the interval April 1st 2013 – March 31, 2014 and will bring additional incomes to the state budget. The average price of a pack of cigarettes increased from RON 11.93 to RON 12.32, after the increase of excise duties. Beer, too, got more expensive, because of a 10 pc excise duty increase, according to a modification operated in the new Fiscal Code at the beginning of this year. “Budgetary incomes will not increase by 10 pc. A similar measure was taken in the Czech Republic, but they canceled it later, as it did not have the impact estimated by authorities,” said Romulus Dascalu, the president of the Garant federation of employers, quoted by gandul.info.Also starting April 1st, the General Department for Passports announced that the price of issuing a passport will increase. Romanians will pay RON 100 for the simple temporary passport, up from RON 84 until now. For the 5-year simple electronic passport, the fee was raised from RON 244 to RON 270.

Starting April 1st, new tolls are in effect for the Giurgeni-Vadul Oii and Fetesti-Cernavoda bridges: crossing the Giurgeni-Vadul Oii bridge will cost between RON 11 and 43, while Fetesti-Cernavoda will cost between RON 13 and 64, depending on vehicle. Another price increase was operated for the natural gas delivered to industrial consumers. The regulated gas prices went up this month approximately 5 pc for non-household users, to 55.3 RON/MWh. As of July 1st 2013, they will increase by another 5 pc for non-household users, but also for household users, by 8 pc. Plus, Romanians will also pay if they are hospitalised. The co-payment paid upon discharge from hospital will range between RON 7 and RON 10, under the new framework-agreement. However, some medical units are still analysing the situation, considering that they cannot charge the patients with very low incomes.

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