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February 28, 2021

Decisive day for Oltchim employees

The number of employees to be laid off will be announced today, according to judicial administrator Gheorghe Piperea. Meanwhile, Oltchim workers blocked DN 64 again, for half an hour, threatening they will come to Bucharest if PM Victor Ponta does not talk to them.

An important day for the future of the chemical plant of Ramnicu Valcea. The judicial administrator of Oltchim company, lawyer Gheorghe Piperea will announce today the number layoffs to be operated by the plant, according to cotidianul.ro. Meanwhile, about 500 Oltchim employees blocked again, yesterday, for half an hour, National Road 64 Ramnicu Valcea – Dragasani, unhappy with the announcement about the 1,000 redundancies. Later they returned to the plant premises, where they shouted protest messages for several hours, without incidents.

According to the leader of the Oltchim Free Trade Union, Mihai Diculoiu, people are disappointed with the conclusions of the meeting held Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, by minister Varujan Vosganian and the management and trade unions of Oltchim, also attended by the judicial administrator. “Collective layoffs are solutions for bankruptcy, not insolvency. Cutting over 1,000 jobs is no solution, the measure is illegal anyway and employees continue to wait Premier Victor Ponta at Ramnicu Valcea. Anyway, we will go to Bucharest on Thursday,” Mihai Diculoiu said, quoted by Mediafax.

In his turn, the leader of the Victoria trade union of Oltchim, Corneliu Cernev confirmed that 1,020 employees will lose their jobs and an ordinance for the payment of overdue wages will be discussed by the government Wednesday. “The compensatory salaries are paid in accordance with the collective work contracts. Employees receive 6, 12 or 18 compensatory salaries, depending on seniority. We will discuss the redundancy lists for two weeks, they were not made public, but they exist, and refer to 1,020 employees of Oltchim that will lose their jobs,” Cernev said.Worth mentioning, the European Commission rejected a proposal on granting state aid to Oltchim, because the company already received such help in the past, and the government received no purchase demand, so the only solution is restructuring with layoffs, PM Victor Ponta announced Friday. He explained that the state tries to attract financing from banks and traders for the operational assets of Oltchim. Also Friday, the employees of Oltchim received 45 pc of the remaining wages for February.

Vosganian: The state must withdraw from the economy

The minister of Economy, Varujan Vosganian said  in a press conference on industrialisation that the Romanian industry does not mean only Oltchim and Mechel and there are strong companies that form a promising basis for the industry, but out of the 23 major industrial sectors, 17 have a much lower competitiveness than the average of the European Union, adevarul.ro reports. The minister of Economy added that he wants to reinstate economic geography as a school subject and rethink the economic maps of Romania, which disappeared from schools years ago, in order to know the starting point about the development of industry. The idea belongs to the project developed by the Ministry of Economy for the reindustrialisation of Romania.

The Ministry of Economy will also invite to consultations representatives of 80 industrial sectors in Romania, in order to find solutions of reindustrialisation, and at the beginning of June it will sum up the options for each sector, minister Varujan Vosganian announced Tuesday.

He explained that, in view of reindustrialising Romania, privatisation and the withdrawal of the state from the economy are necessary measures, with few exceptions of strategic nature, along with involvement in peak industrial zones and the integration of the processing industry into a common European strategy that will not be protectionist, but will support industries.



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