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March 8, 2021

Sociology Faculty dean proposed leader of Popular Movement Foundation

The “Popular Movement” Foundation’s initiative group has asked Marian Preda, the dean of the University of Bucharest’s Sociology Faculty, to take over the foundation. The information was posted on the blog of presidential aide Cristian Diaconescu who was in fact the one who announced the setting up of the foundation two days after President Traian Basescu stated that he “breaks away” from PDL after Vasile Blaga won a second term at the helm of the Democrat-Liberals. Basescu subsequently stated that the Popular Movement was his idea, the foundation being meant for those that are not politically committed, pointing out that he wants to address the centre-right electorate that did not take part in the latest elections. Referring to the president of this foundation, Basescu stated at the time that there is the need for “a credible and politically non-committed person.” Marian Preda (49) has been dean of the University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance since 2008, and was chairman of the presidential commission for the analysis of social and demographic risks in 2009-2010, a commission that published two reports on the social situation in Romania.

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