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March 8, 2021

Ciuhandu contests PNTCD Congress

Gheorghe Ciuhandu, former president of the Timis branch of the National Peasant Christian and Democratic Party (PNTCD), challenges the party congress to be held in Pitesti, April 20, and distances himself from the “political plagiarism called the DA Alliance”, as he considers it “intended as a politic platform for Traian Basescu” and “represents an association that damages the image of our party”. “We contest the congress Aurelian Pavelescu is going to hold in Pitesti, April 20, 2013, given the gross violations of the PNTCD status stipulations on convening and assigning the delegates, which also breaks the political parties law, thus exposing the PNTCD to the risk of being radiated from the political party Register, “ Mediafax quoted a Ciuhandu-signed press release as saying. At local level, Ciuhandu calls on the county leadership of the party to resign and “to assume responsibility for the election failures in 2012,” as well as “democratic election being organized at municipal and county level”. PNTCD Timis President Valentin Moldovan replied, telling the Mediafax correspondent he has no failure to take on himself, given at the local elections June 10, 2012, the county branch of the party was led by Gheorghe Ciuhandu, and not him. According to Moldovan, the PNTCD Timis delegation to participate at the Congress in Pitesti will consist of 24 members.

After the local election last year, Gheorghe Ciuhandu, a former PNTCD Timis leader for 16 years and Timisoara mayor during 1996-2012, announced his retirement from politics, and intention to remain a mere party member. In mid-March, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, president of the Civic Force, and PNTCD President Aurelian Pavelescu, signed a founding protocol of the Justice and Truth Alliance, as the two said Romania needs “an united right”. A similar-name alliance was formed by the Democratic Party and the National Liberal Party in 2004, which won the legislative election at the time.  While PNTCD was the main ruling party during 1996-2000, it has proved unable to make it to Parliament ever since.

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