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September 25, 2022

CSAT: Schengen accession, Romania’s fundamental goal

According to a communiqué published at the end of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting yesterday, “CSAT members were informed about the stage of Romania’s Schengen accession bid and the political-diplomatic overtures needed to be made next in order for our country to fulfil its Schengen accession goal.” “The CSAT members decided that Schengen accession represents a fundamental goal that has to be assumed at national level by all responsible factors,” the aforementioned document reads. The members of the Council also analyzed and approved the methodology of communication and action for the institutions and authorities that have responsibilities in managing terrorist attacks abroad in which Romanian citizens are involved.

The drafting of such a methodology is necessary because of the ever higher number of Romanian citizens living abroad. Another issue analyzed during the meeting consisted of cyber threats against Romania and the security of IT systems of national interest. It was deemed that these threats have lately diversified, becoming an increasingly attractive option for state or non-state actors because it does not entail very high risks. The CSAT members decided to take measures that would allow the hastening of the adoption of the legislative framework and rendering operational the Digital Agenda 2020 as an integral part of the European effort to develop the informational society and implicitly the subsequent actions dedicated to cyber security. The report on the CSAT’s activity in 2012 was analyzed at the end of the meeting. According to that report, 70.2 per cent of the goals have been fulfilled and 29.8 per cent are about to be fulfilled, the failure to fulfil them being blamed on the duration of some activities, of their multinational character or of the complex character of some activities and of the involvement of a large number of institutions in fulfilling CSAT’s decisions.


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