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March 5, 2021

The EUR, at the peak of last two weeks – RON 4.4228

The quotations of the national currency remained above 4.42 RON/EUR in early trading of the interbank session held yesterday, so the National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced that the reference exchange rate increased by 0.49 Ban to 4.4228 RON/EUR. During the previous session, the exchange rate was 4.4179 RON/EUR.

The parity of the US dollar advanced by 0.73 Ban, from 3.4398 RON/USD to 3.4471 RON/USD. The exchange rate of the Swiss franc slightly decreased from 3.6372 RON/CHF to 3.6340 RON/CHF. The EUR opened at RON 4.4200 – 4.4230, respectively 0.2 – 0.4 B

The interests charged Wednesday morning by commercial banks for the attracted overnight deposits in RON continued to diminish and reached 4.21-4.71 pc a year, following Tuesday’s values of 4.49 – 4.99 pc a year. At the same time, the yields for one-week deposits stood at 4.31 – 4.81 pc a year. “Most state bonds, up to the value of RON 2.5 bln, planned to be issued in April, have maturity intervals longer than a year, while the bonds worth RON 2.8 bln that reach maturity in the same period were issued on a short-term. S

o, it is possible that much of the sums due for payment in April will not change the maturity profile of the investment and will remain in the market,” consider the analysts of ING Bank.

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