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August 2, 2021

‘Together with the PM we established the procedure to appoint prosecutors,’ President Basescu says

President Traian Basescu cited yesterday evening law 303/2004 article 54 – as the one regulating the nomination of prosecutors by the president with the Superior Council of Magistracy’s go-ahead, upon the proposal of the Justice Minister. He pointed to the fact that there are 24 offices to be named in several institutions. “Together with the prime minister we established the procedure, according to the law.

It is the Justice Minister’s responsibility to appoint the prosecutors,” Basescu added, stressing it is not compulsory to appoint people from the same institution. “The law was observed,” he said.On October 1, I wrote to Justice Minister Mona Pivniceru, telling her I would not approve the prosecutors, as the procedure back then had been non-transparent.“Now it’s the time for CSM to analyse and to decide on the proposals. No one is to interfere,” Basescu also said. He stressed all the nominations should be done urgently because the Public Ministry is influenced by instability.Basescu said the strategy had been to appoint most important prosecutors and to let the newly named ones reflect on the other offices, this being an attempt to cooperate with CSM and the Justice Ministry.

The president said that political parties are making a great mistake in trying to support one or another person for the prosecutor’s office. “I wanted Kovesi for DNA and Daniel Morar for the prosecutor general’s office, but it seems it wasn’t possible,” Basescu said.

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