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February 28, 2021

28 counties hit by floods after massive rain

Over 1,400 people are now isolated in Buzau. Many homes have been also flooded in Bistrita-Nasaud. Red warning for flooding on Jiu River, in Dolj County.

The heavy rainfall in the past few days has caused havoc in the country. Over 1,400 residents of the Buzau localities of Terca and Plostina were isolated after the road connecting the two villages to the commune of Lopatari had been destroyed by a flushflood on the River Slanic. According to the Mayor of Lopatari commune, Vasile Lefter, the flushflood hit Wednesday night, building up as a result of the abundant rain and snow melting.

The water has broken the road linking the localities of Terca and Plostina in the centre of the Lopatari commune, leaving over 1,400 locals in isolation, unreachable by either the ambulance or the firemen.  ‘The only access way into Terca and Plostina, via the rural road connecting Lopatari to the two villages, has been destroyed and not even pedestrians can reach the area. We have damaged protection embankments along the River Slanic and various pedestrian bridge pillars destroyed. The situation is extremely bad. We are now processing the damages and will forward the documents to the Buzau Emergency Inspectorate, Prefecture and County Council. If the rain stops we will be able to deal with the situation in two or three days.

If it doesn’t, only God knows,’ Lopatari Mayor Vasile Lefter said on Thursday.On Thursday, the Ministry of Home Affairs informed there were no people isolated because of the floods, noting that the access to the Buzau commune of Lopatari was only available for pedestrians, after the local mayor had said exactly the opposite. It has been raining for 24 hours in Buzau County, the quantity of water being significant. Buzau Prefecture spokesman Sorin Gheorghe reports that, from Wednesday to Thursday morning at 3, 22 litres of water fell per square metre in Buzau, 23 litre per square metre in Ramnicu Sarat and 30.8 litres per square metres in Bisoca.

Fourteen houses in Parva village, Bistrita Nasaud County, were flooded Thursday morning and one was affected by a landslide after the massive rainfall, yet no one was injured. Parva Mayor Ioan Strugari says over 35 litres of water has fallen per square metre in the area, leading to a flushflood in Gatejelor Valley in the centre of the village. ‘Torrents built up and flooded 14 homes in the centre of the village on Gatejelor Valley, as the area is known here. The water infiltrated house basements and several households, but no one was hurt.

There are no human or animal victims. We just have some flooded basements’, said the mayor. He further noted that one house had been affected by a landslide, but, since the owners were away in Spain, no one was inside. ‘There is a house with two broken walls. A piece of the hill right beneath it slid down. Fortunately, the house was uninhabited, the owners being away in Spain,’ said the mayor of Parva commune. Firemen teams with the Parva Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service, helped by locals, have started pumping the water out of the affected households. The mayor has also sought assistance with the Bistrita County Emergency Inspectorate, who sent over teams. Several households in Craiova city, as well as roads and hundreds of hectares of farmland in Dolj County have been flooded by the heavy rainfalls in the last few hours. In Mehedinti, over 300 plots of farmland and pastureland were flooded by Motru and Cosustea Rivers. According to a release from the Dolj Prefecture, a total of 12 households in Craiova city, in Fermerului Street and other side alleys have been flooded. Also in Gorj County, several houses and households in thee different localities, as well as a street in Targu Jiu city, were flooded Wednesday night following the massive rain. The fire brigades intervened with pumps to evacuate the water.

The building of the Cozmesti Municipality, Vaslui County, is at risk of collapse over employees and visiting residents. All the walls are made of clay and straw, are cracked and inside it rains almost as badly as outside. Over 1,000 residents of various Vrancea County localities were isolated on Thursday by the torrential rainfall causing flush floods along several rivers where the water has pierced roads and taken down bridges. Similar situations were reported the previous years.

Red flood warning on Jiu River, Dolj County

The Jiu River was until 8 pm on Thursday under a red warning for flooding in the region of the Racari hydrometric station (Dolj County), according to a notice sent out by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) and ‘Romanian Waters’ National Administration. INHGA on Thursday updated a earning issued on Tuesday, introducing an amber warning also for Jiu River, this time the segment upstream Racari. A yellow code warning is also introduced until 8 pm for the following river basins: Trotus, Putna, Ramnicu Sarat (Counties of Bacau, Harghita, Vrancea and Buzau), Jijia upper and middle course (Counties of Botosani and Iasi), upper Barlad (Counties of Iasi and Vaslui) and River Prut – upstream the Stanca Costesti reservoir (Botosani County). According to the same updating of Tuesday’s bad weather warning, rivers in nine counties – Satu Mare, Hunedoara, Caras-Severin, Timis, Mehedinti, Valcea, Olt, Gorj and Dolj – were under an amber flood warning until 8 pm on Thursday. The rain will continue over the next couple of days in sleeted areas, with quantities of precipitations estimated at 10-15 l/sq m, but the National Administration of Meteorology (ANM) does not intend to issue a new warning for now, ANM Director Ion Sandu said at the Government. He noted that it would rain in the South-West of the country (Mehedinti and Caras) Friday night (10-15 l/sq m) and in the Southern part of counties in South Romania Sunday night.


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