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March 4, 2021

Cristian Preda: In 2014, let’s send Basescu into retirement…

PDL MEP Preda said in an interview with ‘Romania libera’ that Traian Basescu “deserves retiring peacefully” “after two difficult mandates.”

MEP Cristian Preda representing the reformist group of PDL, believes Traian Basescu “deserves retiring peacefully” “after two difficult mandates,” but the president will not do it if the “right” gives up in the confrontation with USL and if a representative of the socialists and liberals will come at Cotroceni in 2014, who will continue to rely upon the acting 70 pc majority in Parliament. Preda considers that PDL and Traian Basescu have all data for a reconciliation based on common projects. According to the PDL MEP, one of these projects is finding a presidential candidate with chances to win the elections next year.Simultaneously, while the reformist group of PDL recognises the victory of Vasile Blaga in the elections for the office of party president, Cristian Preda does not credit Vasile Blaga with many chances to grow the party, noticing that “his first moves do not go this way.”Referring to the fact that President Basescu said “farewell” to the democrat-liberals, Preda believes that “the party might react by saying <<farewell>> too, or finding a way to <<re-evaluate>> it, as Traian Basescu says”. “The most unfortunate situation, as I see it, would be dividing the centre-right electorate in voters of PDL and voters of Traian Basescu. This could give even a smaller total than the score in December. Indeed, one should not rule out that part of the fans, disillusioned with the “divorce”, will no longer support any of the camps. The reconciliation would be more advantageous for both PDL and Traian Basescu,” Preda added.

Asked about who should make the first step towards the reconciliation between Basescu and PDL, as the former announced the break-up, Cristian Preda avoided a concrete answer, saying that “it is easy to invoke self-pride to escape responsibility.”“Since Victor Ponta took the governance, we saw two different movements. Under the first Ponta government, until the parliamentary elections of December, the opposition tested several formulas of coagulation. For the elections of June, there were alliances with various parties, at a local scale, and in the general elections – the nationwide formula ARD has been used. The second Ponta government, with stronger support in Parliament, has a fragmented opposition. ARD was disbanded by PDL, MRU and Neamtu fight each other, then came the divergences Blaga-Udrea, plus the defections from the PDL. In brief: an increasingly fragmented opposition,” the PDL MEP explained.Asked if Vasile Blaga has resources to grow the party, Cristian Preda answered: “The first moves do not go this way. He rather gave signals of confrontation: towards Traian Basescu and the Udrea camp, but he did not omit the reformists too, especially Monica Macovei, who is – apparently – in much delay with… paying the party membership fee. I think that, if Blaga continues the war with the other camps, he will have the political fate of Andrei Marga, the undertaker of PNTCD, who resigned from PNTCD 10 days ago, by sending a fax from Cluj. It would be bad for Blaga to go this way. If he continues fighting us and Udrea, in order to consolidate the fragile position he gained in elections, PDL will lose.”The PDL MEP also believes that Elena Udrea could be a good leader.

In the same interview, he said: “Elena Udrea obtained a very good score. I confess I was not expecting this. It can be her grand political victory, or it can be a landmark of a future political evolution.”

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