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March 8, 2021

Former Mechel employees complain to the Gov’t

45 metallurgy workers that were laid off by the Russian owners of the Mechel Campia-Turzii plant, along with more than 200 steel workers fired by the Targoviste smelter, picketed yesterday the Bucharest headquarters of the Invest Nikarom company and the government, protesting against the fact that they did not receive the compensatory salaries, rtv.ro reports. After incessant protests staged during the last month at Campia Turzii, the former Mechel employees now demanded in Bucharest to be paid the three compensatory salaries owed by the employers, after they were laid off on 4 February 2013. At that time, the management made redundant 720 employees and sent 364 more in technical unemployment.

The protesters initially planned to also picket the Russian Embassy, but they abandoned the idea, considering that the Government of Romania is the main responsible for the desperate situation of the employees who are victims to collective layoffs. In March, the new Russian owners of Mechel Campia Turzii paid the laid off employees only a quarter of the three compensatory salaries and announced that they do not have financial resources for the remaining sum.

They also failed to pay the wages of the remaining 364 workers, for last month. On the other hand, Invest Nikarom announced that it will resume operations at Campia Turzii on April 10.

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