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May 8, 2021

Raed Arafat: Over 50 medical units will receive additional financing

The state secretary with the Ministry of Health, Raed Arafat said Wednesday in a press conference held at Constanta that hospitals should not ask patients to buy their medicines and medical materials anymore, as more than 50 medical units from all over the country will receive additional financing from the Ministry of Health, otherwise the respective sum can be withdrawn.Raed Arafat added that the Emergency County Clinic Hospital of Constanta is among the hospitals that will receive supplementary financing this year.“This is about tariff-based averaged case financing that will increase from RON 1,440 to RON 1,800 this year, for Constanta.

The hospital also starts a programme of Intensive Care that will bring another significant sum, as subsidy, for the critical cases treated by the Emergency Room. Until now they were underfinanced and hospitals could not treat them adequately, so they were sending the families, the patients to buy medicines outside the hospital. By entering this programme, we expect the hospital will no longer have any problem in terms of materials and medicines, so it will not send patients buy their treatments anymore. The Intensive Care programme takes over some hospital expenses, the hospital additionally receives tens of billions of ROL. We relax the hospital financially, so it can have materials and medicines,” Raed Arafat explained.


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